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Reproductive Services for Pets in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re a show dog breeder looking for an experienced vet to help you with your animals, Dr. Linda Meakin here in Cincinnati, OH has a special interest in dog breeding and reproductive care. She raises and trains show dogs of her own, so she understands all the complexities that go into breeding healthy, happy show dogs. Whether you’re new to breeding or have years of experience, our team can provide knowledgeable, specialized reproductive services to bolster your success.

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Reproductive Services We Offer in Cincinnati, OH

With Dr. Linda’s expertise, we can perform a variety of services to ensure more successful breeding and quality litters. These include:

  • Transcervical insemination
  • C-sections
  • Pre-breeding exams
  • Herpesvirus testing
  • Parasite testing
  • Guidance on breeding and ovulation timing
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Transcervical Insemination

Transcervical insemination (TCI) is a non-surgical procedure that enables us to deposit fresh, frozen, or fresh-chilled semen into the female. The procedure is safe and minimally invasive, so your dog will not need to heal up from any incisions or spend time recovering from anesthesia.

Pre-Breeding Examinations

The pre-breeding exam helps to ensure that your breeding female is healthy and fertile. Older dogs are less fertile and may not able to handle the rigors of pregnancy and birthing puppies. With the pre-breeding exam, we can perform a nose-to-tail physical, do a reproductive exam, and, if needed, administer immunizations and screen for parasites.

Timing Your Dog’s Ovulation

Females do not ovulate until their progesterone has reached a certain level (>4ng/ml). Once their progesterone level is high enough, they can be inseminated approximately 2 to 4 days following ovulation. Getting the timing right will greatly increase your chances of successful breeding. In addition, we recommend investing in the necessary tools for timing ovulation. We’ll be more than happy to offer suggestions if you need them!